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Avoid the Injured List this Football Season in Arizona

September 19, 2019

With fall just around the corner, Arizonians have a lot to look forward to including cooler weather, fall clothes (although not applicable to all parts of the state), the onset of the holiday season, and, you guessed it, football! Yep, Cardinal fans, for better or worse, football is back! Tailgating season is finally here, we can feel it in the air, and we can see it in the Cardinal red, Devil Maroon, and the Wildcat blue. For those who are lucky enough to attend a football game or tailgate party, it is important to be as prepared as possible. Along with selecting your favorite team gear, jerseys, and banners, it is crucial to have a good plan set in place to ensure a safe game day experience. That said, Torgenson Law has composed a few tips to assist in everyone’s safety on game day. 

Prior To Leaving Home

  • This may be a given, but make sure your cell phone is charged!
  • Check the weather and dress appropriately for the event and venue you are attending, particularly if you are in the scorching sun at the ASU game.
  • Create a plan with family and friends who are attending the game or tailgate with you in case of separation, especially if children are attending the game as well. 

Traffic and Parking

As one would imagine, high traffic congestion typically leads to an increase in motor vehicle crashes, and therefore personal injuries. In an attempt to avoid such incidents, drivers should: 

  • Pay extra attention to traffic signs as they may change during game times. 
  • Be sure to drop off and pick up guest in designated areas. 
  • Being the designated driver is a lot of responsibility. Be sure to avoid all distractions behind the wheel. 
  • When parking outside the venue, do everything you can to park in populated and well-lit areas. We do not want anything to happen to you or your car!

Before The Game

  • Use the buddy system! Whether you are tailgating before the game or hopping from one restaurant to the next, do not wander alone!
  • From time to time home team and visiting team’s fans can be overzealous. If you see a threatening situation or feel as if you’re in a threatening situation, leave the area and contact security immediately. 
  •  Perhaps the most important tip – DRINK RESPONSIBLY! 

During The Game

  • Make notes of the exit in case of an emergency. 
  • Once again, always stick with a friend or family member when going to the restrooms or for refreshments at concession stands. 
  • Be respectful of all fans around you!
  • If there appears to be an problem-causing fan, do not engage them, contact security and let them handle the problem. 

After The Game

  • Win or lose, be respectful of other fans while leaving the arena. 
  • If you are walking back to your car alone, do not be afraid to ask a security guard or police officer to assist you. If they are unable too assist you, they will find someone who is. 
  • If you have been drinking and require a ride home, talk to customer or guest services, they will call you a cab or help you find a ride home. And of course, rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are ALWAYS an option.

In addition to increased traffic on your way home, there will also be a surge in drunk drivers. Alcohol is not only consumed inside the football games, but at bars and parties surrounding the venue. The opportunity to socialize, drink, and watch football leads to a spike in intoxicated drivers on Arizona roadways. If you suspect a drunk driver, do not hesitate to report the vehicle to authorities, as it sometimes takes a team effort to protect our fellow Arizonans. 

 If, under the unfortunate circumstance that you suffer a personal injury from a drunk driver or while in attendance of a football game or tailgate party, give Torgenson Law a call at (602) 726-0747 for a free consultation.  Torgenson Law wishes Arizona a happy and safe football season. 

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