Electric Scooters Coming To Phoenix: Everything You Need To Know

January 24, 2019

Love them or hate them, dockless electric scooters are on their way to
downtown Phoenix. Bird and Lime, the two biggest players in the electric scooter
movement, silently left their scooters overnight on virtually every corner in some of
the Valley’s most densely populated neighborhoods over the past several months. In
cities like Scottsdale, Tempe, and Mesa, these scooters seemed to appear overnight
and have essentially overrun those cities. Downtown Phoenix is next on the list for
accepting these alternative means of transportation.

These electric scooters will obviously have their perks for those who live,
work, and socialize downtown. For one, the scooters offer a practical alternative for
destinations that are too far to walk and not far enough to drive, and they will be
particularly useful in avoiding traffic on congested downtown roadways. In
addition, the pricing is generally more affordable than the transportation costs and
fees of rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft. Furthermore, for some, Bird and
Lime scooters offer a mode of transportation that is simply more fun and exciting
than the alternatives. With that said, these dockless scooters do not come without
their own share of problems.

First, these electric scooters are dockless. In other words, when someone is
finished riding, they can leave it wherever they want. Parking lots, sidewalks,
driveways, and even the streets are essentially fair game for parking scooters. One
can imagine the safety concerns of unattended scooters blocking the roadways or
public sidewalks. Second, while riders are generally required to adhere to the “rules
of the road,” traffic law enforcement can be problematic considering these scooters
are permitted on streets and sidewalks. Finally, it goes without saying that these
scooters pose safety threats to the riders, pedestrians, and even motor vehicle
drivers and passengers. These scooters can reach up to 20 miles per hour. If a rider
falls off the scooter or crashes into a pedestrian, serious injuries can result. Drivers
of motor vehicles may crash trying to avoid mobile scooters or even those parked in
the roadways.

With the ongoing debate of practicality vs. safety of these electric scooters,
cities all over the country are starting to implement usage and safety regulations.
Even in places are such regulations are limited or nonexistent, as an electric scooter
rider, you should always wear a helmet, be mindful of pedestrians, adhere to traffic
laws, NEVER drink and ride, and park scooters where they will not interfere with
lanes of traffic or public sidewalks. Furthermore, if you are driving a motor vehicle,
you must always be mindful of your surroundings, and these electric scooters only
further your need to do so. Always check your blind spots before turning or
changing lanes and exercise extreme caution at crosswalks.

As Arizona personal injury lawyers our job is to help keep you and your
family safe and up to date on issues that could potentially impact you. The dockless
scooter craze is coming to Phoenix. Whether you plan on using them or are simply a
driver trying to avoid them, remember to be vigilant and cautious, as these scooters
arrive in Downtown Phoenix.

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