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How Documenting the Crash and Your Injuries Helps Your Claim

August 22, 2019 By John Torgenson

Communication and trust are the cornerstones to a healthy relationship. While we are not equipped to give marital advice, as Arizona Injury Lawyers, we cannot overemphasize the importance of these two concepts in every personal injury case. After all, one of the most challenging aspects of any injury claim is effectively communicating your injuries, whether physical or emotional, to the adverse party’s insurance company or opposing counsel. Often times, the reason behind this struggle is a lack of evidence or documentation of your injuries.  More generally speaking, the other side simply does not always trust words alone. This is why it is useful to document and more specifically photograph every aspect of your personal injury claim to help paint an accurate picture of what happened and what you have gone through.

Images of the motor vehicle crash itself can help your case in a number of ways. As you may know, insurance adjusters sometimes refuse to acknowledge certain treatment or injuries when negotiating a claim. They may argue that you “over treated” or simply doubt that the car crash would have caused a particular injury. However, photographs of the crash, especially when there is significant damage to the vehicle, support and justify the specific injuries you are claiming or treatment you are receiving. 

In addition, it is common for individuals involved in car crashes to have different memories or versions of what occurred. In fact, police reports regarding a crash often lack enough information to establish liability. Without more, insurance companies for adverse parties will question liability, and at times deny it altogether. Fortunately, pictures can help to eliminate doubt regarding liability. Photographs make the claim more concrete to insurance companies, as the adjusters are able to properly evaluate the cause of the crash. Of course, taking pictures of the collision is not always feasible due to safety concerns or the severity of your injuries. However, if you are able to safely move out of harms way and take photographs without risking further injury, it is important that you do so.

Finally, in crashes where you sustain injuries, even minor ones; photographs allow you and your attorneys to track the progress, or lack of progress, for your injuries. In your crash-related medical records, your doctors will always document specific diagnosis for injuries, such as broken bones, bruises, scrapes, cuts, etc. With that said, the dry language of a diagnosis does little to explain the severity of your physical injuries. Pictures on the other hand are extremely effective. For example, if you have a major laceration on your face, periodic photographs during your recovery will reveal the length of the healing process or even the permanency of any potential scarring. This type of proof will not only justify your crash-related treatment and/or pain and suffering claims, but can also add overall value to your claim. 

At Torgenson Law, we take pride in our ability to effectively tell your story to the adverse insurance company or opposing counsel. Remember, the more evidence you can offer regarding the collision, the better the chance of proving your case and damages. Personal injury claims are often complicated and can be challenging to navigate. As Arizona Personal Injury Attorneys we’re ready to fight for you. Think you might have a personal injury claim? Do not hesitate to call Torgenson Law at (602) 726-0747. 

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