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Having A Super Bowl Party? Tips To Keep You And Your Guests Safe

February 5, 2016 By John Torgenson

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and since it is one of the biggest events of the year there are bound to be multiple parties and friends gathering with alcohol involved. If you are throwing a party for the Super Bowl it is important to note your responsibilities as a social host and what can happen if any of your attendees get into any trouble. If you are attending it is also important to note your responsibilities as well.

As your friendly neighborhood law firm, we understand the need to get a little rowdy with your friends but we want to make sure you do so with everyone’s safety in mind. So here are some tips for a safe party:

  1. Offer Food With Alcohol. If you decide to have friends or family over for the Super Bowl be sure to offer some type of food or snacks (never heard of a Super Bowl Party without food but I digress) so that attendees can drink judiciously.
  2. Designate A Sober Driver. Make sure you choose somebody to stay sober the whole party of you plan on going back home afterwards. If leaving with a few friends try playing rock, paper, scissors or pulling straws to figure who will be the DD. After designating the DD give them your keys to hold for the night.
  3. Set Up Uber Events or Have Cab Company Information. If you’re hosting you could be liable for any personal injury matters that may occur if one of your attendees decides to leave. Be a good friend/host and set up an Uber event code or call a local cab company.
  4. Intervene When Necessary. If one of your attendees are fully committed to driving after drinking call an Uber or cab on their behalf, take their keys, or call law enforcement for assistance. It is your job as the host to make sure your guests are not endangering the community around you.

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The Super Bowl is one of the most fun events of the year and we want you to have a great time. If you are hosting a party be sure to keep your guests in a safe environment. Personal injury situations may arise when you have drunken individuals in a social gathering. If you happen to be involved or a friend is involved in a personal injury matter you will need aggressive lawyers. Give us a call at (602) 726-0747.

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John Torgenson

After high school, John attended the University of Utah, graduating in 2001. John then attended his dream school, Notre Dame Law School, where he graduated, with honors, in 2004. John is licensed to fight in court for real people in the State of Arizona, the United States Federal District Court of Arizona, and the 9th Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

Before establishing what is now Torgenson Law, John practiced in the litigation group at Fennemore Craig, the oldest law firm in Arizona, and one of the largest firms in the Southwest. Having practiced at Fennemore Craig in both the defense and plaintiff’s practice areas gives John a complete perspective of the litigation process, and valuable insight into how to efficiently and effectively advance his clients’ interests. His unique and balanced background enhances his credibility with defense lawyers, insurers, and defendants as well as with judges and arbitrators.