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Work Zone Safety: The Construction Happening in Phoenix This Weekend

January 29, 2016 By John Torgenson

The weekend is here!! Just eight more hours of work; I promise it is worth it people. Soon you will be able to physically and mentally check out and recharge for the next week. But before we all enjoy the pleasure of getting to hang out with friends and family for the next couple of days I’m going to need your full and undivided attention. Thanks to AZ Central we’re going to give you a rundown on some of the scheduled construction projects, detours, as well as safety practices from the Department of Transportation you can utilize to cut down on any personal injury matters.

I-10/I-17 and Washington St. From Friday at 9 P.M. until 9 A.M. Saturday the eastbound I-10 between I-17 and Washington Street will be closed for tunnel maintenance. The detour will send vehicles southbound and reconnect with the I-10 near Sky Harbor Airport.

Loop 101 and I-10. Beginning at 9 P.M. Friday and ending 10 A.M. Saturday the southbound Loop 101 ramp to eastbound I-10 will be shut down for maintenance. An alternate route for your schedule could be to take southbound Loop 101 to eastbound Thomas or McDowell and reconnect with the I-10 using 91st or 83rd avenues.

Loop 202/ Broadway Road. On Saturday from 7 A.M. to 6 P.M. the off ramps at Broadway road will be restricted to one lane for utility work. Since it is not a closed ramp we think you should just allow for more time to travel while on your way to your destination.

Even though now you know some of the construction zones that are under way for the weekend, it is very important to take into account the safety of those working on the highways. Knowing how to drive in work zones can reduce the probability of a personal injury situation arising. The Department of Transportation has posted a list of 10 ways to stay safe while in a work zone. Some of the tips include:

1.     You may see flashing arrow panels or “lane closed ahead” signs. Merge as soon as possible. Don’t zoom right up to the lane closure, then try to barge in – if everyone cooperates, traffic moves more efficiently. Motorists can help maintain traffic flow and posted speeds by moving to the appropriate lane at first notice of an approaching work zone.

2.     Some work zones – like line painting, road patching and mowing are mobile, moving down the road as the work is finished. Just because you don’t see the workers immediately after you see the warning signs doesn’t mean they’re not out there. Observe the posted signs until you see the one that states you’ve left the work zone.

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