Personal Injury Tips Before Driving to Mexico

May 23, 2019

Even though this beautiful Arizona weather suggests otherwise, summer is quickly approaching. With it, many of you will likely be looking to escape the scorching heat for cooler climates or maybe even the beach. Given the fact that we live in a border state, it is obviously common for Arizona residents to vacation with friends or family by travelling into Mexico. If you do plan on driving south of the border this summer, we, at Torgenson Law, want to make sure that you are prepared for the unexpected.  Specifically, we want to give you a few tips and keep you informed about your personal injury rights if you are in a car crash while vacationing in Mexico.

  1. Review Your Insurance Policy

It is likely that your automobile insurance does not extend to international travel. Many policies even have explicit exclusions regarding coverage in Mexico. In other words, if you are injured or cause injuries in a motor vehicle crash in Mexico, it is unlikely that your own insurance will not provide any compensation or protect you from liability unless you specifically purchase additional a plan that covers Mexican travel.

  1. Purchase First-Party Coverage for Mexican Travel

While typical insurance policies might exclude international travel from their bodily injury coverage, most insurance companies offer options for weekend or extended stays in Mexico. If you have an upcoming trip, you should contact your insurance company to learn more about these options. If cost is a concern, you should always remember that first-party insurance coverage, such as Uninsured (UM) and Underinsured (UIM) motorist coverage, protects not only you, but also those travelling with you. Any additional insurance cost is worth it to protect those you care about.

  1. Auto Liability Insurance is Required in Mexico

Mexican law requires drivers to obtain third-party auto liability insurance. It goes without saying, that it is financially responsible of you to purchase insurance for provides coverage for crashes that you cause. Additionally, in Mexico, driving without appropriate proof of insurance could even land you in jail. Accordingly, make you have the necessary third-party coverage to avoid the potential risk of financial ruin and incarceration.

  1. Contact Arizona Injury Lawyers

As always, do not hesitate to call your Arizona Injury Lawyers at Torgenson Law if you are injured in a motor vehicle crash in Mexico. Considering the unique legal considerations and coverage issues involved in international travel, you need experienced legal representation to get you the compensation you deserve. We, at Torgenson Law, are more than willing to speak with you about your potential claim, review your insurance policy, or otherwise investigate potential avenues of recovery. Call us today at (602) 726-0747.

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