Torgenson Law and “Jagger” Wish You a Happy and Safe Fourth of July

July 2, 2015

Hot dogs, barbeques, lawn games, and fireworks are all things we associate with Fourth of July. But Fourth of July holiday cards?

This year Torgenson Law decided to send cards to their friends, family, clients, and colleagues, wishing them a happy and safe Fourth of July. But these weren’t just any holiday cards. These cards contained a very special message from a child inspired to help find a cure for cancer.

On April 16th, Torgenson Law was invited to take a corporate tour at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Silvia Capir and Tim Harrison of the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation escorted John Torgenson, Dan DiLizia, and Valerie Ramirez throughout the hospital. They toured various areas of the hospitals, spoke with staff, and learned about what it takes to maintain the hospital. They also learned about the goals the hospital has in the near future such as a new Emergency Department and a Level 1 Trauma Center. Simply put, the hospital is nothing short of amazing, and it would be difficult to explain all the ways that it impacts our community’s children and their families. It is the passionate doctors, nurses, staff, volunteers, and fundraisers who make Phoenix Children’s Hospital among the most respected hospitals, with many of their clinical programs ranked as the best in the nation by U.S. News and World Report.

Torgenson Law was honored and privileged to be able to get a glimpse of Phoenix Children’s Hospital. When thinking about the various ways that Torgenson Law could get involved, John Torgenson recalled seeing the patients’ beautiful artwork displayed throughout the hospital. This artwork is part of fundraiser called the PCH Art Project: “The Art Project is the signature fundraiser for the Hospital’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. Each card and piece of artwork is lovingly designed by a patient diagnosed and treated for cancer at Phoenix Children’s and reflects their own personal story. The Art Project was created to help support the Center while involving children in art and craft projects that help them cope with stress.”  Torgenson Law requested several Fourth of July inspired art pieces from the patients and then voted on their favorite which turned out to be: “4th of July” by Jagger.

As you can see from his art piece, Jagger associates Fourth of July with the same things we do, but his festive art piece comes with a very special message: “…he wants the doctors find a cure so other kids don’t have to struggle through the same treatments that he did.” Jagger is a true inspiration of reminds us that strength overcomes struggle.

Torgenson Law is proud to support Phoenix Children’s Hospital. There are many creative gifting opportunities available through the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation. For more information about The Art Project and the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation, please visit their website at

We wish you a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!

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